School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

There are many reasons to complete part of your studies abroad. Studying abroad strengthens intercultural competence, language skills and generates networks across borders. We have maintained partnerships with foreign universities for many years. The twelve partnerships within the framework of the European initiative Erasmus+ form a core. In addition to the recognition of academic achievements abroad, this also involves the waiver of tuition fees at the foreign university. Internships during your studies can also be carried out and supported abroad. In addition to stays as part of your studies, the exchange programs are also ideal for doctoral students in order to be able to incorporate the scientific expertise of other universities into their own work.

In addition to studying at one of the European partner universities, the university also supports you for worldwide mobility with individual contacts.

Note: Please note that applications for funding must be submitted very early and within fixed deadlines.

Our programme is modularised according to the ECTS standard and offers a study programme of 30 credits in each semester as full-time study. One credit corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 hours. All courses in our Faculty are taught in German language. A basic level of German is required to take part in the teaching programme. Due to the lower number of students in the Master programme, additional communication in English is possible to support foreign students.

Note for Master of Architecture:

For Erasmus students, we offer the following modules to choose from in the Master's programme in English:

  • Structural Design 12 credits (Module E5).
  • Two accompanying seminars 2 x 6 credits (modules ES, NB, EE, IP, FM, CD BB)
  • Ringveranstaltung 5 credits (Module RV)
  • Stegreifentwurf 1 credit (Module ST2)

All modules are presented in person at the beginning of the lecture period. There is a choice among various offerings, with the exception of the mandatory Ringveranstaltung. It is possible for Erasmus students with English language skills to take all of the above modules in the Master's programme. We currently do not offer a similar study programme for Erasmus students in the Bachelor's programme.

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