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The education is focused on the mathematical and subject-specific sciences, the fundamentals of civil engineering and the underlying knowledge of the application areas of civil engineering. That includes for example: the structural engineering, construction operations and management, infrastructure planning and transportation, and environmental engineering.

In the module block "Higher-level knowledge", skills in communication and presentation are acquired and proficiency in law and economics beyond the field of construction management and construction law is imparted. The practical implementation of the acquired knowledge is aimed at the subject-related projects and interdisciplinary projects associated with a special module.

ogram is finalized after completing the bachelor's thesis, which must be completed within just under two months.

Compulsory internship

Since practical experience is an essential part of engineering education, students of the bachelor's degree program in Civil Engineering at the University of Wuppertal are required to complete a full-time practical activity in the field of practical operation of construction sites of the main construction trade for more than 8 working weeks at the beginning or in the course of their studies.

The aim of this practice is being acquainted with the conventional building materials and their processing, and being familiarized with the planning and production of building components to whole structures, as well as with the specialized practice of construction through practical application, in order to be able to recognize the interrelation with the fundamentals of civil engineering taught in the course of studies. Practical work may also be carried out in engineering offices or construction authorities, provided that their activities are directly related to the supervision of a practical construction site.

Information sheet regarding the compulsory internship


Merkblatt Praktikum PO2019 und PO2021


Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Beginning: Winter semester

Duration: 6 semesters


University admission qualification (e.g. high school diploma)
Unrestricted admission (without NC)


Registration information for first-year civil engineering students

Everyone is admitted to the civil engineering program! The civil engineering program is NC-free. This means that if the application documents are submitted on time, you will be enrolled by defult
In the last few years, due to various problems in the administration, the admission documents were increasingly sent out very late. So if they are not on time for the start of the semester, don't worry, they will still be sent.

You can find more info about the start of the study here.

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