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IABSE - Pre-Congress Workshop on Design of Structural Concrete with "Strut and Tie Method"

09.10.2023|10:25 Uhr

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"A Two-Day Workshop on Design of Structural Concrete with Strut-and-Tie Method was conducted on September 18-19, 2023, before the IABSE New Delhi Congress 2023 started. The workshop was conceived and conducted by Prof. Arndt Goldack of the University of Wuppertal, Germany, Prof. Mike Schlaich of the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, and Prof. Dr. Vasant Matsagar of the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi. The workshop was organized by the Indian National Group of IABSE.

Strut-and-Tie Models (STM) are a wonderful tool to design reinforced concrete in a simple and understandable way. In fact, Strut-and-Tie Models have become part of many international design codes in recent years. Today, European, American and Canadian standards allow the design of structural concrete using Strut-and-Tie Models. While Strut-and-Tie Modeling is simple and easy to understand, experience has shown that a certain amount of training and practice is required to apply it successfully.

Here is a short glimpse of the two-day workshop, a more detailed report will be published in SEI journal, November issue. If you are interested in this workshop and would like to have further information about it, please contact Arndt Goldack."

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